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I'm so transparent I dissapear

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i love you, boy, i'll love you for fucking ever.
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I can't decide if I feel bad or not.

The look on his face makes me feel pretty terrible.

He asked for it though, right?
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i'm pretty sure he's what i need. but almost the entire country will separate us again tomorrow.

Timing is off, but it's still there. We'll see.

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what could have been.

what will be.

what is no more.


you. him. that other guy. the one from work. the one in Seattle. the one I will always like and inevitably never have.

i want to want something attainable.

interview for internship at Boston's Weekly Dig next Friday.

Montreal Thursday - Sunday.

so much work.

I wish we were friends. someday.

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Just telling you all to read my blog again... I posted 4 times tonight, I am going blog crazy.

Comment on it! Love me!
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I'm pretty sure that I loved someone for two years that never loved me.

at all.

and talks shit about my physical appearance now.

.5 oz of respect would be nice.

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seriously with death upon u.
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